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Anane is an area that we find near the Orango Grande Island, where women have all the authority organizing in associations that manage the economy, social welfare and the laws.

It is also a brand with a minimalist range of swimsuits, although we sell something else, behind our pieces there is a story that we want to bring people closer and we make them participate, since each of them is inspired by different parts of the world that its physiognomy or nature inspire us to create our collections, Lanzarote, Croatia, Tanzania ... To be able to escape to any of these paradises at any time of the year and offer our clients an affordable price for a different, unique and quality piece .

Born in Barcelona, ​​and with the philosophy of summer as a state of mind, Anane emerged in 2018 trying to respond to a need in the bikini market that existed on the national field. We were able to verify ourselves and our surroundings that we were looking for something more special when we had to choose bathing suits and that we could not easily find them; For this reason, we launched a first collection for friends and acquaintances, our clients at that time, who helped us understand that we had to start doing different things.

In 2019 we decided to delve into the creation of our bikinis, giving in addition to originality to the pieces, a history for the collections that we presented, and that helped us shape everything that served as inspiration or represented us as a brand.

A year later we are in a moment of growth in which we are enjoying more and more with what we create and transmit. Now we are preparing for different launches and future collections, but above all to be able to offer unique experiences to our client.